The JBL Go 3 Speaker: 2023’s Best Upgrade for Exceptional Audio

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Autonomy is one of the weak points of this speaker. It is one of the most limited in this regard. Its 2.7 Wh battery gives you about JBL Sound framework Bangladesh, 5 hours of autonomy at medium volume (at high volume it is reduced by half) and the charging time is about 2 and a half hours. 

The good thing is that it has an automatic shutdown after 20 minutes of inactivity to avoid consuming energy in vain.

Another thing I like about JBL Go 3 is that it charges via USB C , although what doesn’t quite convince me is that this port doesn’t have a cover, which sooner or later could cause moisture to get inside the device. 


Jbl go 3 connectivity
The JBL Go 3 Speaker: 2023's Best Upgrade for Exceptional Audio 54

It incorporates bluetooth 5.1 , which allows faster pairing with all types of devices and, at the same time, that the transmission is stable without suffering micro-cuts in the audio. 

This latest version of bluetooth also makes it possible for this device to have almost no latency , the audio is very well synchronized with the image, so it is good for watching videos and even playing video games with the mobile, for example.

Although Bluetooth connectivity is so efficient, other means of receiving audio are missing from this speaker . It does not have an auxiliary cable connector (the Go 2 did have one) to connect it to devices that do not have bluetooth, and it does not have a USB port to connect, JBL Go 3 Portable Price in Bangladesh, a flash drive, for example, nor does it have an input for SD or micro SD cards. In other words, it’s not very versatile. 

It also does not have True Wireless or, in this case, JBL’s Party Boost function, so there is no possibility of synchronizing it with a second speaker so that they work in stereo, as if it can be done with other bluetooth speakers of the same brand.

Other details

Jbl go 3 speaker quality
The JBL Go 3 Speaker: 2023's Best Upgrade for Exceptional Audio 55

The JBL Go 3 is a quality speaker, but pretty basic when it comes to extra features. As we have seen, it cannot be linked to a second unit as is the case with other models of this brand and it can only receive audio via Bluetooth. 

However, it does have a microphone to be able to make or receive calls in hands-free mode .

One of the reasons why bluetooth speakers have gained so much ground is because they allow you to take your music with you, wherever you go. Within the options to choose from there are different formats, designs and sizes. 

I have already analyzed some compact models, but this time the chosen one is a slightly smaller speaker that draws attention due to its design and surprises in terms of sound quality : the JBL Go 3, the latest version of the mini range of this trade mark.

I say no more. If you want to know all its details, most recent opinions , its strengths and in what aspects it falters, keep reading. 

JBL Go 3 reviews as of January 2023

Pros and Cons of the JBL Go 3


  • It is very compact and lightweight.
  • It has an attractive design and excellent finishes.
  • It has IP67 waterproof protection.
  • It has USB C charging.
  • It incorporates bluetooth 5.1.
  • It is affordable.
  • It has a hands-free microphone.


  • It has little autonomy (5 hours).
  • It does not have an auxiliary cable connector, USB port, SD card input, or NFC chip.
  • Loses sound quality in large spaces

JBL Go 3 Key Features

  • Despite the fact that it works with a single 4.2 W driver and does not have passive radiators, the bass response it offers is incredibly good . The same goes for the volume, which is much louder than you might expect from a small speaker. It can’t be compared to bigger teams, but for its size, it’s not bad at all.
  • This speaker not only has a modern and very attractive design (and is available in 8 colours), but it is one of the most compact and lightest, making it very comfortable to transport. 
  • It incorporates bluetooth 5.1 , the latest version, so it pairs easily and quickly with all devices, maintains good signal stability and has very low latency. It does not have an auxiliary connector, USB port, card input or NFC chip. 
  • It has a 2.7 Wh lithium battery that gives it a range of about 5 hours (it is one of the most limited in this regard) and charges in 2 and a half hours, via USB C. 
  • In addition, it incorporates a microphone to be able to use it in calls in hands-free mode.

My Analysis and Opinion of the JBL Go 3

In JBL’s range of non-smart portable speakers, the Go are the most compact and economical. However, the small size and the adjusted price do not affect the quality of this model at all, which, exceeding expectations, offers a very decent sound and does not fall short in volume. 


jbl go 3 sleep quality
The JBL Go 3 Speaker: 2023's Best Upgrade for Exceptional Audio 56

One of the things that surprises the sound of the JBL Go 3 is that it has good bass , despite how small it is, that it is not stereo, that it has a single 38 mm driver with a maximum power of 4.2 W , without passive radiators and that has a frequency response between 110 Hz and 20000 Hz. Do not expect bass with a lot of punch, but decent and enjoyable bass.

It is an ideal speaker to move it around the house while you do your things, for example, since it behaves very well in small or medium-sized spaces and, especially, if you are close to it. Although you can use it in large spaces, I have noticed that it loses some quality in the sound, the frequency balance is unbalanced and the bass suffers, which is no longer appreciated with such depth.

As far as the volume is concerned, I was also surprised, I expected it to not sound very loud, but you can turn it up quite a bit without losing clarity or distorting the sound


nice design of the jbl go 3
The JBL Go 3 Speaker: 2023's Best Upgrade for Exceptional Audio 57

Within the range of JBL portable speakers, those of the Go line are the most compact. The Go 3 is the third in this range and in which the design has acquired much more modern nuances, not only in format but also in colour, since this version is available in 7 different colours.

It is a small speaker with a very attractive design, as well as practical , and excellent finishes. The entire surface is covered with mesh, but on the bottom it has a relief of silicone stripes to improve support and prevent it from slipping. 

The controls are well integrated following the aesthetic lines of the model and of JBL in general. At the top it has 3 buttons: plus and minus, to increase and decrease the volume, and a triangle that works both to pause or resume the sound and to advance to the next track (with double tap). 

On one side it has the power button and the bluetooth synchronization button, along with a battery status LED indicator that has been very useful for me to know when I needed to charge it. 


the jbl go 3 is very portable
The JBL Go 3 Speaker: 2023's Best Upgrade for Exceptional Audio 58

The JBL Go 3 stands out for its compact design (it measures 8.7 x 7.5 x 4.1 centimeters) and super light (it weighs 209 g), so it is very comfortable to carry in your bag and even to move it from one room to another in the house with you . In addition, it incorporates a small strap handle so you can hang it from wherever you want (this detail was not offered by the previous model, the Go 2). 

Another of its advantages is that it has IP67 waterproofing , which gives it resistance to dust, splashing water and even immersion for less than 30 minutes in less than 1 meter depth. So you can take it to the beach, use it near the pool or leave it in the bathroom to listen to music in the shower, for example. 

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