Top 5 Match 3 Games that Pack a Storytelling Punch

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Welcome to the fascinating world of match 3 games! If you’re not familiar with the concept, these games involve matching three or more items of the same type in a row, column, or diagonally. Simple enough, right? But don’t let the apparent simplicity fool you, my friends. These games can be highly addictive, challenging, and downright entertaining, especially when they come with a captivating storyline.

And that’s precisely what we’re here to talk about today: match 3 games with stories on Gametop. We’ve rounded up five of the best examples to showcase just how engaging and immersive these games can be. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the first one on our list:

Around the World in 80 Days


This game takes its inspiration from Jules Verne’s classic novel and puts you in the shoes of Phileas Fogg and his loyal servant Passepartout as they embark on a daring journey around the globe. Your goal is to help them collect the necessary items for their trip, such as passports, visas, and transportation tickets, by solving a series of match-3 puzzles.

The gameplay is pretty standard for a match 3 games, with power-ups and bonuses to spice things up. But what really sets this game apart is the attention to detail in recreating the various locations the duo visits, from bustling London to exotic Cairo and beyond. And if you’re a fan of the novel, you’ll appreciate the nods and references to its characters and events scattered throughout the game.

Cradle of Rome 2

If you’ve ever wanted to be a virtual architect and build your own ancient city, then Cradle of Rome 2 is the game for you. This sequel to the popular original tasks you with rebuilding the once-great city of Rome from scratch, one match-3 puzzle at a time.

As you progress through the levels, you’ll earn resources and gold coins that you can use to construct buildings, monuments, and infrastructure. Each completed structure unlocks new abilities and upgrades that make the puzzles easier or more rewarding. And as you restore Rome to its former glory, you’ll also uncover bits of historical trivia and lore that add depth and context to the gameplay.

Silver Tale

Silver tale

In Silver Tale, you play as a young alchemist on a quest to restore a magical kingdom to its former beauty. To do so, you must collect various ingredients and artifacts by solving match-3 puzzles with a twist. Instead of just swapping adjacent tiles, you can also drag entire rows or columns around the board, creating unique and strategic combinations.

As you progress, you’ll unlock new characters and abilities that help you on your journey, such as a helpful dragon companion and the ability to craft potions with the ingredients you collect. And the whimsical storybook art style and enchanting soundtrack make this game a joy to play and behold.


In MatchVentures, you step into the shoes of a brave adventurer on a quest to uncover the secrets of a cursed castle. To do so, you must solve a series of increasingly challenging match-3 puzzles that involve swapping tiles to create paths for your hero to follow.

But that’s not all. Along the way, you’ll encounter various obstacles and traps that require clever solutions and strategic thinking. And as you progress, you’ll unravel the mysteries of the castle’s history and its cursed inhabitants, leading to a satisfying conclusion that ties everything together.

Call Of Atlantis

Last but not least, we have Call of Atlantis, a game that combines match-3 gameplay with elements of adventure and hidden object puzzle games. As the title suggests, the game takes place in the mythical city of Atlantis, which has been struck by a disaster and is in need of your help to rebuild and restore its glory.

To do so, you must embark on a journey across ancient Greece, Egypt, and Babylon, solving puzzles and collecting powerful artifacts along the way. The match-3 puzzles themselves are challenging, with various obstacles and power-ups to keep you on your toes. But what really sets Call of Atlantis apart is its storyline, which is presented through beautiful cutscenes and dialogue that bring the ancient world to life.

As you progress through the game, you’ll learn about the different cultures and mythologies of the regions you visit, as well as the history and legacy of Atlantis itself. And as you uncover the secrets of the city’s downfall, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction and triumph that few match-match 3 games can match.

So, there you have it, folks: five match 3 games with stories that are sure to keep you entertained and engaged for hours on end. Whether you’re a fan of history, adventure, or just good old-fashioned puzzle-solving, there’s something for everyone in these games. So what are you waiting for? Fire up your favorite device and start matching those tiles!

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