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Some OnePlus Devices to Miss Out on OxygenOS 14 Update (Android 14)

By Geeky Techpedia

OnePlus, a company known for its commitment to providing timely software updates, has recently delivered some disappointing news to certain

Google Announces The Launch Date For Pixel 8 And Pixel 8 Pro

By Geeky Techpedia

Mark your calendars, tech enthusiasts! The highly anticipated Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are set to be released

Xiaomi Devices Not Eligible for Android 14 and MIUI 15 Updates

By Geeky Techpedia

As technology continues to advance, smartphone manufacturers regularly release software updates to enhance the user experience and improve device performance.

WhatsApp’s Update: A Brand New Interface Await For Android Users

By Geeky Techpedia

New Look, New Features and Exciting Features Await! WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is giving its Android users something to

Exciting News: iOS 17 Apple Music Features Coming to Android Apps Soon

By Geeky Techpedia

Enhance Your Music Experience with iOS 17 Apple Music Features Are you an Android user who loves Apple Music? Well,