7 Best Anime Streaming Apps People Must Consider

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No doubt, Anime content is demandable in the global village due to its unpredictability, creativity, and awesome stories. As a result, nowadays ratio of anime admirers around the world is increasing with each passing day. Surely, Anime come with several genres of content and, most importantly, the diversity of their characters, which appeals to everyone regardless of person age. Furthermore, As a result, most anime fans want a reliable best anime streaming apps platform.

Japan takes many places in people’s hearts by producing thousands of animation, movie and TV works every year. Currently, every folk is eagerly waiting for the new anime content to be released. There is no doubt watching anime in their leisure time is a great activity for more than millions of more and more people watching around the world. You can watch the best anime streaming apps for stream of all popular anime of manga, including Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, Digimon, Pokemon and other regular shows, using the apps we have provided below.

If you adore watching anime, here’s what you need to watch for uninterrupted and free streaming apps to enjoy anime. Below we have included a few of the best anime streaming apps that surely will give you the best experience. And some are free, some also include paid plans. So anime lovers can make the most informed choice based on your needs.

Best Anime Streaming Apps for Android users:

  1. Kucing:

If slow online streaming is bothering you, Kucing is your solution. The app is specifically designed to provide uninterrupted, ultra-fast streaming. It’s a free service known for its excellent and clear sound quality. Folks can also enjoy their favorite Anime content in high definition as it streams in 720p and 1020p quality. The homepage is always full of the latest episodes of various anime and also contains good information.

  1. Funimation:

Funimation is all time top-notch application for watching anime. Further, the app’s interface is very easy to manage; everyone can enjoy all genres of anime in its huge content collection. Everyone can resume the videos where they left off.

You can watch anime with English dubs or original Japanese audio with subtitles. You can watch simulcast episodes where you can watch new episodes aired in Japan at the same time. For anime fans, Funimation is an app you’ll want to try first.

  1. KucingPoi:

If you’re an anime lover, KucingPoi is the best app for anyone who loves watching. KucingPoi is a free anime for streaming platform that can be called the Netflix of anime. You can get all Japanese anime in one platform. Access thousands of anime episodes, movies and tv show episodes OVAs directly from your smartphone. An easy-to-use anime app with anime with supported languages of English, French, and Spanish dubbed subtitles. This brilliant app is loaded with Anime resources from around the world.

Everyone can play the videos directly within the application; if you are not fully satisfied, the application permits everyone to enjoy the videos in different video players like VLC media player and MX Player. The best anime app for streaming, if you want to stream to other language with dubbed and subtitled anime for free of money.

  1. Tubii APK

Tubi is a completely free plateform, where you can choose from a huge library of TV shows and movies. Tubi has many reality shows and movies, but the streaming service also has a wide variety of anime. Tubi is awesome because you get all the features of the bigger streaming services plus lots of movies and TV shows for free. The only downside is that Tubi plays ads while streaming, but it’s not easy when you watch it for free.

  1. ConTV

Official and legitimate app for watching movies, anime, and TV shows on Android. ConTv is the best source for watching and downloading different movies, Documentaries, Anime, comedians, TV Shows, Movies, and so on. The quality of the stream is reasonable, sometimes different, so not recommended for large screens.

The interface of the application is smooth and clean. Since the application is free, it is supported by the app ads without disturbing.

But the only downside is the poor quality of the video when it is compared to its freemium app competitors Snagflims and Sony Crackle.

  1. Netflix:

Netflix is ​​probably the most used streaming app in the world. It has all kinds of content and has a separate anime section. It has a good collection of anime content, though its content is still questionable. Well, the best thing is that Netflix now possesses more anime content in its favorite catalog.

  1. Retro Crush:

If you are a lover of retro, classic anime, then this application is made for you. There are huge stock of old & new anime out there, and the app is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can browse their products or search for a particular show in their huge library. All anime in this smart application is free of subscription, but some are only available to registered users.


Finding good and reliable anime streaming apps can be difficult, especially if you live outside of Japan. Although many apps are still paid, most free applications do not provide satisfactory service. These 7 best anime streaming apps will provide a better experience without the hassle and money. Tell us your favorite app among the listed and what makes you different from the rest. If you have any ideas from the above apps, kindly share your knowledge with us.

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